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Review: Blended Beauty

Here we are once again with yet another review!  We’re excited to be reviewing some lovely products from Blended Beauty….  actually we are so excited about these products that we decided to make a second Vlog about them along with a hairstyle to show you how great these products are!!!

But before we share the video with you….  we’d like to introduce Blended Beauty to you!  Here’s what their about page says:

Blended Beauty hair care products were designed specifically for the needs of those with dry, wavy, curly, kinky, and relaxed or heat-straightened hair. All products are produced in Canada.

Our main goal is to provide superior quality products that beautify the look of the hair but also nourish the hair from the inside out, promoting healthy growth and diminishing breakage. All our products are formulated with naturally derived ingredients and are between 98%-99% natural.

Our mission is to encourage those with curly hair, to realize its beauty and embrace it. Whatever your hair type is, you can wear it natural and love it. Chemicals, petroleum, mineral oil, and relaxing can be a thing of the past, on a Blended Beauty regimen. Our suggestions for promoting great hair have been laid out on the hair tips page for the benefit of our customers.

Alright, enjoy our live review– ok we did cut out a few ums…  😉 and then check out the Blended Beauty links!

Where can I find Blended Beauty?

Network with Blended Beauty:

Links for things mentioned in the Vlog:

Alright, go and check out Blended Beauty!!  Stay tuned for Part 2 of our review!

Thanks for Blended Beauty for making this review possible!

Happy Cornrows, Twists, and Beyond!

Disclaimer: I received free products for this review.  All of the review thoughts are my own.  I do not claim to endorse everything written on the linked websites.
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Review: The Knot Genie Brush

It’s time to do another review!!!  And this time it’s a very special review….  if you remember my last post you will recall the quick blurb about a home movie…  well for this review I got my sister Havilah to review it in video/Vlog form.   But first my thoughts…

What is the Knot Genie?

I found out about the Knot Genie while reading a mom’s blog about brushing her daughters hair and how she really liked it for detangling knotted hair with no tears!

From the website, here’s a little about how the Knot Genie Hairbrush works:

“The magic trick behind the Knot Genie™ and Teeny Genie™ is one we are happy to reveal. It all has to do with the different lengths of teeth on the brush. When brushing, they bend just right, to gently untangle the hair. And because of this lack of stress, the hair’s cuticle stays unharmed… revealing the smoothest, shiniest hair you’ve ever seen.”

Thoughts Pros & Cons

Pro: I was quite surprised to find that such a funny, little hairbrush could work so well!  It really does remove knots (with no tears) and it’s simple enough that Havilah can brush her hair on her own!

Con: The teeth on the brush seem to be rather weak.  I also would prefer a brush with a handle….  which I just discovered Knot Genie is now carrying. 🙂

Over all, I think it’s a great brush!  I especially think it works best for Havilah when she has lotion in her hair or when it’s wet.

Where can I find the Knot Genie?

Network with Knot Genie:

Havilah’s Thoughts: Knot Genie Review & Bun Hair Style:

Happy Brushing, Hair Buns, & Beyond!

Lets us know what you think of our first Vlog in the comment section!!

Disclaimer: I received free products for this review.  All of the review thoughts are my own.  I do not claim to endorse everything written on the linked websites.
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Review: Snapaholics

Hello Everyone!

Wow, it’s already September and totally time for another hair review….  🙂  Today, I’m reviewing some items from Snapaholics!  I’d never heard of Snaps for beading hair before until I stumbled upon the Sanpaholics site through another hair blog.

So, for those of you who are wondering, “What on earth is a snap?”  🙂  I will explain, instead of having to band you beads on when beading, you simply use a snap.  It’s easier and take less time!  There is another time of snap (it’s call a bead barrette) where you can put in multiple beads with one snap (link here).

I tried two different hair styles with Havilah.  For one style we used just the flower snaps and then in the other style we used the flower snaps and beads.  Here’s some pictures of the results:

Photo on 7-16-13 at 10.58 AM


This picture is just braids with snaps on the end and of course, a hair wrap (find those instructions, here).

Photo on 7-21-13 at 8.38 PM #2

And this is an entire hairstyle- beads and snaps!  Havilah also did my hair with a Lilla Rose clip. 🙂

Snapaholics was also very sweet to send  us some beads to try…  We drooled all over their AMAZING webpage of beads!  Until we finally picked the Red Opaque Chubbies – because different shaped beads are fun!  So, far I’ve actually not tried these because they are slightly larger (the holes) then I was expecting and Havilah’s hair is not quite thick enough.  Go check out Snapaholic’s beads.  I’d love to know which set it your favorite!

So now I’m going to recommend two more items from Snapaholics- even though I haven’t tried them. 🙂  I’ve actually gone without them and realize now that I really should invest in one!

Number 1 is a Hair Beader: Because paperclips are not dependable!  🙂  Get a sturdy one- weak plastic ones break.

Number 2 is Double Prong Hair Clips: because close pins don’t always work!  Ok, they are great for sectioning hair, but for small sections– not so good.

You can find all of these items on the Styling Tools page of Snapaholics.

Final Thoughts

Now for some final thoughts…

I liked the ease of the snaps– they spared lots of time with not having to deal with banding on the final bead when beading my sister’s hair- so that’s a big plus!  Something I did not like about the snaps, however was that first you have to use small amounts of hair- ok, I’ll use small amounts, but depending on how active my sister was- the snaps (when done with a beaded style) came out very easily and when they came out– all the beads came out! 🙂  So, that’s one thing I did not like.

Links, please!

Snapaholics – check out the store!  There are tons of other products that I did not even touch on in this review!

Snapaholics Facebook

Snapaholics Twitter

Snapaholics Pintrest


And lastly, here is the link to KatKatelynylyn’s YouTube channel where you will find some excellent tutorials!  I even finally accomplished learning how to cornrow by watching one of her tutorials over and over again…  but that’s another story for another blog post (so stay tuned!!). 🙂

I’d first like to Thank Snapaholics for sending some of their products to me and allowing me to review them  Thank you, Snapaholics!


Disclaimer: I received free products for this review.  All of the review thoughts are my own.  I do not claim to endorse everything written on the linked websites.

Photo on 7-21-13 at 8.38 PM #3

Happy Beading and Beyond!

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Review: The Kakakiki KimbBrush

This is the second or third time that I’m reviewing this hair brush!   Somehow I lost my draft a few times before it was published, but after it was written….  so finally….  at last….  here is the review for the Kakakiki KimbBrush!

Here is a little information about the brush from

Our Kakakiki Comb Brush is actually able to comb and brush simultneously while detangleing  more hair at one time compared to a regular comb or brush you might be used to using, and the tines(teeth)will detangle thick and hard to manage hair. (Just follow the written instructions that comes with each purchase.)  Its ease of use makes it a tool that can be used on young children’s hair without all the fuss and pain. The comb brush is suitable for both personal and professional use and on all ages from children to adults.  An added plus for men with beards.

The design of our KombBrush is patented making it a unique and one of a kind product that you will not find anywhere else unless it is one of our distributors. It can detangle any type of hair including woolly, curly, natural, coarse, kinky, straight and wavy hair. There is very little pulling and breakage experienced when the comb brush is being used. You can use our Kakakiki comb brush on your hair before or after it has been permed or pressed. Many hair textures can take advantage of African American hair supplies but not the way they can enjoy our African American Comb Brush.


What do I think about this hair brush?

First of all, I love it!  It really does de-tangle  hair and brush it out at the same time.  Along with some conditioner in the hair the brush helps kinky hair turn into lovely curls.

What do I dislike about this brush?

I don’t like the handle.  After a long time of brushing the handle is really not comfortable at all.

Would I recommend this hair brush?

Yes, I would!  Along with a simple hair pick and a comb for parting this is the brush I use!

Where can one purchase this brush?

Well, I’d first like to Thank Treasured Locks for sending this product to me and allowing me to do a review on it.  Thank you, Treasured Locks!  But today as I browsed their site it looks like they are no longer selling it…  so… you can purchase the brush through this link:


Check out Treasure Locks here: and Kakakiki here:

Here is a picture of my sister using the brush: link


Disclaimer: I received free products for this review.  All of the review thoughts are my own.  I do not claim to endorse everything written on the linked websites.

Happy Braiding and Beyond!

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Review: Beautiful Curls Products

  Today, I am reviewing a few products: Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Nurturing Shampoo (for Babies & Up), Beautiful Curls Curl Nuturing Shea Butter Leave-In & Detangler (for Babies & Up), and Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Activation Cream (for Babies & Up) that I received from Alaffia: Sustainable Hair Care for review.

I’ll start with the Shampoo and Detangler…  I love it!  The Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Nurturing Shampoo (for Babies & Up) is made out of a blend of shea butter, plan extracts, Calendula, and olive oil.  It leaves the hair soft and reduces the frizz.  One of my favorite things about the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Nurturing Shampoo is the fact that “less is more” just as it states on the bottle.  Being a concentrated shampoo you don’t have to use that much and it still works very well.  I would recommend this shampoo for those who are looking for a product that will leave their hair soft and manageable… and without the frizz.

Havilah using the Leave-In & Detangler

During hair washing, but after the shampooing, you follow with the Beautiful Curls Curl Nuturing Shea Butter Leave-In & Detangler (for Babies & Up).  I also liked using this product.  It is made with Calendula, neem leaf extract, natural minerals and vitamins to create a healthy scalp and improve hair shine.  We apply a generous amount after showering and it leaves my little sister’s beautiful tight ringlets curly and shiny!  We also have used this on my little brother’s hair as well and have been quite happy with the results.

Next up (and lastly), is the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Activation Cream (for Babies & Up).  I also liked using this product.  🙂  It is rich, creamy, and great for styling!  The Curl Activating is no joke either!  We’ve applied it to Havilah’s hair when it’s dry and frizzy and after working it in for a bit–her little curls immediately form.  Did I mention that it smells good too?  The one thing that I do not like about this particular  product is the container in which it comes.  When dipping your fingers into the container and doing hair at the same time~ you eventually end up with hair inside the container.  That’s the only thing I did not like about this product.  Otherwise I love and highly recommend it!  It is so easy to use that I often have Havilah (5 years old) rub it into her hair all by herself.  🙂

Alaffia was created to help West African communities become sustainable through the fair trade of indigenous resources. One key to sustainability is empowerment of individuals within the communities. We encourage empowerment through our community projects, our women’s cooperatives, and education and involvement in our customer communities. We firmly believe that the cooperation of people across the world is as essential part of building sustainability in all our communities. Source

I hope you have enjoyed reading my reviews of these wonderful hair care products!

Here is the official Alaffia: Sustainable Hair Care website and here is the Beautiful Curls website.

Disclaimer: I received free products for this review.  All of the review thoughts are my own.  I do not claim to endorse everything written on the linked websites.

Happy Braiding & Beyond!!