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Yarn Extensions Tutorial Vlog #3

on October 15, 2014

Introducing the Yarn Extension Braids!!

To prepare the yarn for extensions– I started out by sectioning out several smaller rounds of yarn to make things easier to work with and soaked them overnight in some lotion and coconut oil (Note, make sure your coconut oil is cooled!!  You don’t want to burn your yarn!).  Also make sure that you use 100% acrylic yarn as the hair binds to it better and it doesn’t soak up a ton of water.  I used Red Heart Black Yarn and it worked great!

This process took me 6 hours divided between 2 days.  The first day I braided for 4 hours (yes my hands were extremely tired after that!), then finished the rest the next day, knotted the ends, and left them with a nice cut look.  I kept the braids pretty much all the same length with a few at different lengths (but still very close in length) to add volume and more of a natural look.  Some people choose to burn the edges, but we decided to stick with simple knots.  Be very careful if you decide to try burning your edges!!  🙂

For those who might be worried about using yarn compared to synthetic hair– don’t worry!  The yarn totally works.  I was worried that Havilah’s head would look more like a mop head then a hair-do, but I’ve had experienced hair ladies tell me that it looks great and one lady commented on how long her hair has been getting! 🙂  So, at first with the damp yarn the hair color vs. the yarn might look off, but don’t worry– the hair will bind to the yarn and you’ll end up with a great style!  🙂

This style lasted for a whole month and I’m getting ready right now to do the entire thing again— this time though we have the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice awaiting us at the library!  So gather your supplies today and enjoy some great bonding time and learn a new skill!  Enjoy the tutorial and comment with any questions you might have, thoughts, or suggestions!  We’d love to hear from you!

Have fun!

Video Discription: Have 6 hours to spare? Try yarn extensions! Braid until you’re exhausted, but hey you’ll have great style that will stay in for days on end! 🙂
If the video is not displaying click here.

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