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Review: The Kakakiki KimbBrush

on June 30, 2013

This is the second or third time that I’m reviewing this hair brush!   Somehow I lost my draft a few times before it was published, but after it was written….  so finally….  at last….  here is the review for the Kakakiki KimbBrush!

Here is a little information about the brush from

Our Kakakiki Comb Brush is actually able to comb and brush simultneously while detangleing  more hair at one time compared to a regular comb or brush you might be used to using, and the tines(teeth)will detangle thick and hard to manage hair. (Just follow the written instructions that comes with each purchase.)  Its ease of use makes it a tool that can be used on young children’s hair without all the fuss and pain. The comb brush is suitable for both personal and professional use and on all ages from children to adults.  An added plus for men with beards.

The design of our KombBrush is patented making it a unique and one of a kind product that you will not find anywhere else unless it is one of our distributors. It can detangle any type of hair including woolly, curly, natural, coarse, kinky, straight and wavy hair. There is very little pulling and breakage experienced when the comb brush is being used. You can use our Kakakiki comb brush on your hair before or after it has been permed or pressed. Many hair textures can take advantage of African American hair supplies but not the way they can enjoy our African American Comb Brush.


What do I think about this hair brush?

First of all, I love it!  It really does de-tangle  hair and brush it out at the same time.  Along with some conditioner in the hair the brush helps kinky hair turn into lovely curls.

What do I dislike about this brush?

I don’t like the handle.  After a long time of brushing the handle is really not comfortable at all.

Would I recommend this hair brush?

Yes, I would!  Along with a simple hair pick and a comb for parting this is the brush I use!

Where can one purchase this brush?

Well, I’d first like to Thank Treasured Locks for sending this product to me and allowing me to do a review on it.  Thank you, Treasured Locks!  But today as I browsed their site it looks like they are no longer selling it…  so… you can purchase the brush through this link:


Check out Treasure Locks here: and Kakakiki here:

Here is a picture of my sister using the brush: link


Disclaimer: I received free products for this review.  All of the review thoughts are my own.  I do not claim to endorse everything written on the linked websites.

Happy Braiding and Beyond!


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