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88 Twist Failure

on April 9, 2013


In January I put 88 twists into my sister’s hair.  It took 2 days and it looked great!  But after about two months it started to look fuzzy- messy and she was in need of a new hairstyle.  But alas!  When trying to get some of the twists out- they would *not* come out.  During the month of March I worked on it and so did she, but we couldn’t get everything out- even with shampoo and conditioners.  Finally, I talked with a mother who said that the only way I could get out the twists was to cut them out. 😦  So, that night I worked on getting them out and we cut the little knots that some of the twists made. 


Later I washed her hair with Beautiful Curls and the Leave in Conditioner.  It helped so much and now her hair is back to normal and looking great, Thankfully! 

I still like twists (when they are done in moderation!), but I’m never going to do this style again!  Like I told our friends, “they took two days to put in and months to get out!” 🙂



One response to “88 Twist Failure

  1. EricaAnn says:

    Really? that’s awful! I frequently do Gem’s hair in twists because I find them so much easier to put in and take out than braids, and they seem to last as long, and they don’t require rubber bands….in fact, she has probably between 150-200 on her head right now. For some reason, I can never get them to last 8 weeks – I’m hopeful we might this time (we’re on week 3 and still looking good 🙂 ), but I’ve never had trouble taking them out! Ick! I hate when big hair plans fail 😦

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