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Random Hair Update

on June 29, 2012

I had to remind myself today that I have a blog and a website that need updating! 🙂 So here goes a random, very random hair update…

This is a picture of my sister from way back in April.  For this style I did braiding  in sections.  It usually takes me over an hour to section the hair and then braid it (I prefer braiding when the hair is dry), but Thankfully I had to friends to help me that day!  We were done very quickly. 🙂

My next style that I hope to show on here is Twists!  They are so easy (Thanks to Miss M. for introducing them to me)!!  In the picture below~ Havilah’s twists were getting to be a little fuzzy, but it’s the only picture I could find right now…

Last, but not least… I was blessed to meet a lady last week (Thank you to the M. Family for telling me about her!) and learn a lot from her about hairstyles and haircare!  I was excited to know that some of things I’ve been doing are correct and that my twists looked good! 🙂  That was great to hear from someone who actually knows what they are doing!  I was also able to glean a lot of extra tips and ideas which I hope to apply in the coming months.

Happy Braiding & Beyond!



2 responses to “Random Hair Update

  1. Smilejoelle says:

    Found your site looking for new styles for little girls I really like what you’re doing here! It shows a lot of love and care!

    The twist style with the puff is very cute and also a lot more healthier for her hair. Keep up the good work!

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