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Poofs and Curls: Two Styles in One

on October 15, 2011

Two Styles in One!

This is a hairstyle that you would want to try after a few days of not washing hair!  🙂  Actually it’s not as bad as it sounds…

What you need…

  • Dry, Frizzy Hair
  • Pick
  • Comb
  • Six (6) Hairbanks ~ I found these for 99 cents at the Grocery Outlet.
  • Curl Activator


  1. Brush the hair out with a pick. {Pictured above}
  2. Part the hair down the middle with a comb {Picture #1}
  3. Horizontally part the hair with a comb.
  4. Gather each sections (four different sections) of hair into a pony tail and band securely with the hairband. {Picture #2}
  5. With your pick~ fluff up each hair section. {Picture #3}

At this point you’ve complete one hairstyle.  However for a more curly look and less poofy look~ skip #5 and continue on below:

  1. Dip two of your fingers carefully into your Curl Activator and gently smooth into each ponytail
  2. With your fingers “tease” the hair until tiny curls form. {Picture #4}

Ta-da!  Hairstyle number two is done.  🙂 {Picture #5}

Below are some pictures to help with the style:

Picture #1


Picture #2


Picture #3


View from above


Picture #4

Thoughts on this style:

I think I would  like the first style on Havilah if her hair was a bit shorter, but since it’s not~ I like the second on her the best–especially because the curls are so cute and hard to beat. 🙂

Quick Tip: Use the different colored hairbands to teach your child/sibling their colors!  Havilah loves handing me the correct colors and guessing what color I’m going to want next.

Picture #5 ~ Ta-da!

Happy Braiding & Beyond!!


5 responses to “Poofs and Curls: Two Styles in One

  1. Mommy says:

    I just love all the work you are doing here, Shiloh and Havilah!!

  2. […] Poofs and Curls: Two Styles in One […]

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