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Straight Curls

on September 23, 2011

I’ve been teaching Havilah how to brush out her hair by herself as of late.  She’s doing a great job and is so eager!


Picture #1: She brushes her damp hair with a pick.
Picture #2: She wets her hair again…  🙂
Picture #3: Adds in some Stay-In Hair Conditioner
Picture #4: Brushes her lovely curls.
Here’s the finished look~ damp curls and fully brushed out hair….
For our hairstyle today, Straight Curls, I simply take a comb (a fine toothed comb works best) and part the hair in the middle~ all the way.

Front View of Style


Next, add a small amount of hair gel to one side of the hair, smooth in, and  take small sections of the hair (starting on one side) and curl around your finger: section by section.  You can do the curls all over the head or equally sectioned over the head as I did this time.  Repeat on the other side of head.

Remember which way your twisting!  If it doesn’t matter to you, don’t worry, but it’s really important be sure to twist the hair so that both sides of the head are the same. 🙂

Lay the curls straight down so they make “Straight Curls” :).

Side View~

Allow the gel to dry.  Be careful not to get too much hair on the scalp because it will dry like school-glue.  😉  I usually start by putting a small amount of gel down the part and then use the comb to spread it out.  Later I may use more gel for other areas.


Today, we used a cute, pink headband to finish our style.  Don’t you think it looks soooo cute!? 

I wouldn’t recommend this style for a long car drive, but using a headband or bow will help fancy up this style for special occasions.  🙂 It’s easy to do and takes less time than braiding!

Have fun!


6 responses to “Straight Curls

  1. Mommy says:

    I love this hairstyle, Shiloh and Havilah!
    Love you,

  2. Eden says:

    This is one of my favorites on Havilah!


  3. felicia renegar says:

    Pretty coils!
    Hercules Sageman seamless combs, and finger detangling will help stop breakage. I have hair in a tighter curl than hers and I wash in big loose braids to prevent detangling! I have pictures like this of my mom celebrating my beauty!

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