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Sectioned Braids with Clips: Super Easy~ Super Cute!

on September 16, 2011

This post is on how to do “Sectioned Braids with Clips”~

And don’t worry it’s way easier than it looks!!  🙂

A Few Tips~

  • Always start with damp hair.  Period.  It’s easier and if the hair is dry~ you’ll find yourself have to re-wet it, re-shea butter it, and so on.
  • Use a small comb with fine teeth.  Big ones just get in the way.
  • Have your clips on hand and set out to use.
  • Use a little hair gel to give a soft, polished look.
  • Give your “victim” 😉 a long book to read to help pass the time.


  1. Start by combing the hair (don’t use a pick or it will get to fuzzy) and  rubbing in your hair lotion, stay-in hair conditioner, or Shea Butter.  For this style I used Shea Butter.
  2. Next with your comb, start parting the hair~ beggining on the far left and continuing over the first part of the head.
  3. If you plan to use gel….  Use it carefully along the parts and to gather the hair up as you go along at this point.  Braid the first part of the head.  This would be the “top”.  You should have three braids now.
  4. Make sure your parts are correct (use gel if needed) and braid the last three sections at the back of the head.  Now you should have six braids all together!  Refer to the diagram below for a visual of the braid sections.

    Diagram 1: Head View

  5. Now take your clips and clip each braid down~ following the instructions I gave for the Natural Headband.
  6. You can do this by taking the end of the braid and inserting the clip into the area of hair that has been gathered for the beginning braid, then put the braid into the clip, and next a little bit more hair.  That probably sounded confusing!  I think it’s kind of hard to explain… but basically insert the clip into some of the head hair (twice) and make sure that the end of the braid also makes it into the clip!  If you need some extra help figuring that out- feel free to leave me a comment!  Source
  7. Refer to the diagram below for inserting clips:

    Diagram 2: Clips & Braids

Wasn’t that super easy???

I really like this hairstyle.  First it’s easy to do, not that many braids (I did 15 the other day! ;)) and looks very neat.

Remember to wear a satin night~cap at night so the hair doesn’t get too fuzzy.  One of my favorite aspects about this style is how neat and straight the parts are.  🙂

Don’t you think it’s such a cute style?  I sure do!


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