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Hair, Braids, and Beyond

A Natural Headband :)

on August 29, 2011

Inserting Clips into Braids

Side view~

I love this style!  With little braids around Havilah’s head and the butterfly clips–it looks just like a headband going over her head! 🙂

For this style, simple follow the instructions for the “5 Little Braids” and instead of leaving the braids “hanging”– clip them down.  You can do this by taking the end of the braid and inserting the clip into the area of hair that has been gathered for the beginning braid, then put the braid into the clip, and next a little bit more hair.  That probably sounded confusing!  I think it’s kind of hard to explain… but basically insert the clip into some of the head hair (twice) and make sure that the end of the braid also makes it into the clip!  If you need some extra help figuring that our- feel free to leave me a comment!

Benjamin, Havilah, & Judah smile for a moment at the Coast

When making the “headband”~ use you imagination and come up with a pattern of colors, something to match whatever your daughter/sister is wearing, or both!  🙂  I purchased my clips at the Dollar Tree, link here and even though they are plastic–I’ve found them to say in quite well, they are comfortable to sleep in, and my sister loves the butterfly on them!

Back View~

Enjoy making your natural headband!  Be creative and have fun!

Happy Braiding! 🙂


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