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Birthday Hair Styl’n

on August 21, 2011

The Birthday Girl!

 Today, is my dear little sister’s 5th birthday!

Happy Birthday Havilah Tirfe!

A few days ago we did some “Birthday Hair Styl’n” and then headed outside for some “Birthday Photographs”.  What fun!

This style is extremely easy to do!

We started with damp hair.  Then she rubbed some Shea Butter all over her hands and hair.  🙂 Next she used a pick to “fluff” up her hair.  When that whole process was over, I used a special hair brush (a review on this product~ coming soon!) and detangled the rest. 

A View from the Top~

With the brush I carefully brushed a section at the top of her hair over to the side.  Then with a small Ouchless Rubber-Band, securely pulled the hair into a small pony-tail.  Next we clipped the bow directly over the rubber-band.  This helps give wait to the pony-tail so it doesn’t stick straight in the air.

Finally, with the hair brush and my hands~ I fluffed the rest of the hair (the hair that was not pulled into the pony-tail) up. 

Viola!  Simple, easy, and timeless! This is a great style that I will absolutely do again….  In place of the bow~ you can try fresh flowers for a springy look, a ribbon, a simple clip, and so on!  Be creative and come up with ideas of your own!

My three youngest siblings: Judah, Havilah, & Benjamin

Happy Braiding and …. Beyond!


One response to “Birthday Hair Styl’n

  1. Eden says:

    Can’t wait until you learn how to corn row!
    You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

    Oh…and I love the pictures!
    I’ve got another hair book for you!

    Love you,

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