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Hair, Braids, and Beyond

Vertical Braids

on July 27, 2011

This style is like the one I did for Independence Day except that I parted the hair a little differently and put the bows on the beginning of the braids rather than the ends!

Tip: Start out with slightly wet or damp hair and have extra hair lotion on hand should the hair dry as you work.

To do the parts, I simply started on one side of Havilah’s head and made four parts vertically and one part horizontally.  This made two sections of hair and on the top five separate bunches of hair.  As I parted the hair– I also braided each section all the way to the end.  Next I got my yarn ready (we picked the color, pink that day! :)) and then tied each bow at the beginning of the braid rather than the end.

This view from top of Havilah's head shows how each section is parted vertically.

The back view shows that I didn't have the braids very even. 🙂 But you get the idea!

Here’s how to do the bows for this style:

1) Cut small lengths of different colors of yarn…

2) Braid the hair and then come through later and tie a bow at the beginning of each braid.  At this point you can re-size the bow to your desired size–large or small!

3) If there is any excess length with the yarn than simple cut it off to your desired length.

4) Ta-da!  Wasn’t that easy?  It’s super easy and looks great too!

Havilah likes her new hairstyle!! 🙂

I came up with this hairstyle the other day and used it for our “Sleeping Cap Experiment” which you can read all about here. 🙂  I really like this style!  It’s easy to do, looks great, and I think it has a lot of potential!

Happy Braiding!!


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