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Sleeping Cap Blues

on July 21, 2011

Someone commented to my mother on Facebook that we should purchase either a satin pillow case or a satin sleeping cap for Havilah to use so that her hair would not come un-done in the middle of the night.  After talking to some friends about what they use~ we bought a simple one size fits all Satin Sleeping Cap at the Dollar Store just to try it out.  🙂

So, without delay I did Havilah’s hair in braids and popped on the sleeping cap…..  and………

She wore it happily and went to bed very excited about this whole new idea….


in the middle of the night it somehow slipped off…

and the results the next morning look like this:

and this…

Fluffy Hair!

Moral to the Story: One-Size-Fits-All isn’t always the truth!

Oh well, we’re working on finding a smaller size and we’ll report back with our results!


2 responses to “Sleeping Cap Blues

  1. Irish Gal says:

    Great Pictures!
    Keep up the good work, Miss Shiloh!

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