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Tiny French Braids

on July 2, 2011

A simple, quaint hairstyle that keeps the hair “put” and neat.

Tiny French Braids

Knowledge & Supplies:

  • You will need to know how to do a simple French Braid.
  • Water
  • Comb
1) Start with slightly wet hair or wet the hair and dry it so it’s a little damp.
2) Part the hair (down the middle):

My parts are starting to look better! ūüôā

3) Starting on one side near the forehead- bunch together a small section of hair and part it in three. ¬†Carefully start the beginning of a braid (about three switches). ¬†Continue down the side of head as you would a normal French Braid. ¬†Draw hair from both sides. ¬†Don’t worry if you start to “loose” a strand of hair. ¬†Simply bring in another strand (from whichever side you are on) and add it to the braid.
4) When you reach the end of the head- continue braiding hair to the end.
5) Braid the other side of hair next.  Note: as you are braiding you may need to carefully re-wet the section of hair you are braiding.  I simply do this with my fingers.  Other products like coconut oil or a hair lotion may also help with this style
6) Ta-da!  And the style is done!

A view of the top

An up close view of the actual French Braid

I’ve decided that this is really not my favorite hairstyle right now…. ¬†However the braids stay in very well and I think that when Havilah’s hair is longer it will look better on her! ūüôā
With the amount of hair Havilah currently has, I found this style to be a little more difficult when it came to actually French Braiding, but I think it will become easier as her hair grows!
What is your favorite kind of braid?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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