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on June 22, 2011

Today, I thought I’d post my very, first official hairstyle!!  🙂  I decided to title this post, “Twists” because that’s exactly what this style is–lots of twists!!

Displaying Havilah’s work

I first figured out how do this style when Havilah was playing around trying to do my hair and I noticed that she was taking extremely small sections, twisting each one all the way down, and so on.  Thinking that this must be some sort of hairstyle she knew how to do, I looked it up on a hair site and found that it was!

So, without delay, here are the “Twist” instructions.


1) Make sure the the hair is somewhat wet and brushed out.

2) Begin by gently rubbing some hair conditioning lotion (I plan to do a review in the future for the kind we use).

3) With a comb, part the hair down the middle.

4) Decide where you want your twists to be.  I did them across the head going horizontally, but you can do it in any way you wish.

5) Take a small section, spilt it evenly into two strands, and twist it until you reach the end.

6) Continue until the entire head it done.

Note: Depending on how fast or slow you work, the hair may dry quickly.  So, have water on hand to carefully wet the section you are twisting.

Viola!  Wasn’t that easy?  Super easy in my opinion!

I’m still working on getting straight parts (smile) and hair styles that last for awhile, but in my opinion I though the parts were pretty easy for this style and the hair stayed put for about three days pretty well!  🙂

Havilah says, “It’s Pretty!”


8 responses to “Twists

  1. Lydia says:

    This is so great! I have a friend who has a baby from Ethiopia. I’m going to send her this link!

  2. Jessica says:

    Shiloh, I sent your link to Mrs. White. I think she will really like this now that she has twin girls!!!


  3. […] is a new style I learned how to do just recently even though I did try it a long time ago…  These are twists!  Simple as that…  just […]

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