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Hair, Braids, and Beyond

An Introduction

on June 18, 2011


I’m a 19 year old young lady who lives with my family on a small farm where we raise milk goat, chickens, and turkeys.

I am very blessed to have been homeschooled my entire life by my parents.  Now that I have graduated I am continuing to learn through household duties, handiwork projects, outside farm fiascos, my wonderful music teacher, and College Plus!

The Lord has given me such a wonderful family!  I’m the eldest and after me comes my sister -Bethany (17 years), brother- Jordan (15 years), sister- Eden (13 years), sister- Havilah (4 years), brother- Judah (4 years), and brother- Benjamin (3 years).  We are all blessed to have wonderful parents who love us and nurture us in God’s Word!

In 2010 my family became the forever family to Havilah and Benjamin who came to us through an amazing adoption journey—all the way from the country in Africa to our humble dwellings in the forest. 🙂

The purpose of this blog ( is to document my journey of learning how to do and take care of my younger sister’s lovely, curly hair as well as encourage other young ladies (and moms!) in learning more about extremely, curly hair! 🙂

Feel free to add and share your thoughts in the comments!  I love to hear other’s thoughts and love to learn more from others too!

I pray that this blog is a blessing to you!


4 responses to “An Introduction

  1. Miss Amelia says:

    Hey Shiloh!
    I’m glad you found a website program that you like. *wink* I’d have to say that WP is quickly becoming my favorite, too.

    Excited to see what’s coming next,
    Amelia Breeden

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